With Marketing, Following the Leader Doesn’t Always Work!

With Marketing, Following the Leader Doesn’t Always Work!  Do you know anyone who was born knowing how to drive?  No, of course not.  When the time was right, someone had to show us what to do, when to do it and why.  Actually owning a business or being self-employed is much like that.  There are a whole lot of things to keep up with and someone has to show us how to do them.   Marketing and attracting new clients is one of those things and if we’re not taught different ways, we can tend to do what a recent business owner, Maria, shared with me.


She was following a model of what her mentor had done.  Her mentor had a thriving business, so it only seemed natural that she would follow his lead.  He offered a ‘small fee’ trial on a ‘drop in’ or ‘just show up if you want to’ basis.  That allowed potential clients to get a taste of what he offered and a low cost option for those who may not be able to afford his regular services.  It worked wonderfully for his business and people regularly converted into regular clients.  The only problem was, this marketing model was sending Maria and her new business, right out of business!


She may not have had all the info about how and when he introduced it (his business may have already been up and running) or maybe he was much more skilled at converting his guests and maybe she only assumed he was attracting people who couldn’t afford his services (from her own mindset).  Who knows?  But her question to me was, is this right for me and, if so, how can I make it work?


I asked what was her intention with her business?  How did she want to serve the clients she wanted to attract?  Her approach was to help them create a plan that would give them personalized, step-by-step instructions and support.  By offering an option for them to ‘drop in’ she was not attracting clients who were serious about transformation and the commitment it would take to achieve it.  She changed her marketing and last month had her best month ever!


If there are areas of your business that are not working as well as you would like, have you ever considered Business Coaching?  It’s a service I offer, where I can help you clarify your intention, get you unstuck and attracting more of your ideal clients.


P.S.  If Coaching sounds like something you’d be interested in, now is a great time to try it out.  Until October 15th, I’m offering a 1 hour session for only $99 (reg. $175).  If you’re like Maria, you’ll stop spinning your wheels and make your investment back (and much more) in no time.  To get started or for more info on Coaching and how it works, visit http://beautysuperstars.com/planwithmiki and fill out the form, then we can set a date to meet by phone

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