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My name is Marta “Magic” Dean; I am owner of Magic in Motion Hair based in Houston, Texas. Three years ago, I was a licensed stylist sitting behind a desk in Corporate America, miserable, yet afraid to go back into a career that I loved (hair styling) because I needed clients. One day I was at my desk and instead of working I was searching online and happen to run across a website that led me to Miki’s profile and BeautySuperstars.com. On a side note I remembered a show where I first seen Miki in class (Bronner Brothers Show) when I was fresh out of school and I remembered how impressed I was then, so I decided to take a chance and email her. To my surprise I received not an email but a phone call back and she has been my mentor and salon coach every since. Fast forward to today, I am now a hair stylist who has a thriving clientele and I have since pursued another dream to become an educator. I have since been published, received awards, educate other stylists, and have had the opportunity to meet some of the top experts in our industry. I am forever grateful to Miki and BeautySuperStars.com because my career is now everything I ever thought it could be and there is so much more to come! THANK YOU MIKI!!!

Humbly written,

Marta “Magic” Dean
Magic in Motion Hair
I ordered your book and was so excited that I read it the same night. The next day I put it into action. The first day or two no phone calls. By day three I started making appointments. In one week I went from a couple of clients to being booked. My first one was Tuesday. This Friday night booked and ALL DAY Saturday Booked. It just snowballed. All total in one week I had 7 new clients. 4 re-booked for either 2 week or 3 week appointments. They also took coupons with them. Next week I have 6 scheduled. These new clients are in influential positions at work too. I can’t wait to see what next weekend will look like. I worked from 8am – 8pm this past Saturday. Non stop. Miki I haven’t had a Saturday like this in a long time.

Thank you so much,

Rachel J.

Miki, words can not express the gratitude I feel being apart of Beauty Super Stars. I am being challenged and pushed in ways that I couldn’t even imagine. Just over a month ago I called you in despair, not sure which direction my business was going. You told me to listen in on coaching and gave me the number. I listened to that call in my bed for two hours and then listen to the call on my way to work. That same day I started implementing everything you all discussed on that call. I joined every website that was suggested, got my own domain name updated my myspace page, and three weeks in a row we have gotten at least 8 walk-ins for hair extensions. That has never happened before. Your dedication and commitment to helping hair stylists all over this country is sooo needed.
With a grateful heart THANK YOU MIKI WRIGHT
Kim Connell

Hi my name is Precious, I attended one of your classes at the show early this February (I sat in the first row up front on your right). Since I have been home I have been applying the things you taught and I have been doing well and I just wanted to say thank you and I will be purchasing your books.
Thanks again

I don’t know if any one else has, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the opportunity to speak with one of the most influential leaders in the beauty industry… I am already “blogging” about my opportunity to speak with the legendary Barry Fletcher as a direct result of being a member of Club Superstar! You are amazing, and I will be spreading the word here in HOUSTON!
I received my books yesterday and I am already reading them for the 2nd time… I am about to launch my COUPON CAMPAIGN….. I know you are very busy, so I will stop blabbing now but, I will keep you posted…. (I AM SO EXCITED!)
Take care,
Marta “MAGIC” Dean
WEBSITE: www.magicinmotionhair.com

Floyd Kenyatta’s call was very enlightening! I think you’re on to something special Miki.
Barry Fletcher

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