What Exactly is Coaching?

What Exactly is Coaching?  That’s probably the question that I’m most asked!   I would say in a nutshell, Coaching is a way to help you move from one level to another – often much faster than you could on your own trying to figure it all out.  It’s actually learning from other’s mistakes and not having to make them all yourself!


As a Coach, there are 3 things that I look to do.


1.  We all have things that we know, do or have learned through living life and being successful and, often times, through our failings or things that didn’t work out as we thought they would or wanted them to.  Like Glenda the Good Witch said, “It was already inside of you!”  Part of my job is to draw out from you, lessons, tools and thoughts that can move you forward.


For example, I often work with Salon or other Business Owners, who have been successful, had a great clientele and booming business, and now it’s fallen off and they don’t know what happened.  Often, I can hear burnout, frustration or overwhelm in their voices.  When I talk with them about their past successes there’s an energy and aliveness that I hear.  My belief is that everything is energy!  Just like you can tell that there’s an argument going on when you walk into a room, even though no one is saying anything (because you feel the energy), I believe that much of what attracted all those clients to you in the first place was your passion, excitement and the energy that you had for what you were doing.  And just like they sensed it then (even though they may not have even known it consciously), they also sense when that passion is gone and they no longer want to come to see you.  It’s about restoring your life energy, your vitality and passion that will bring the business back.  Or, maybe if that passion is really gone, it may be a signal that it’s time for a new chapter (which deep down inside you may know, but may not want to admit, even to yourself.


2.  While at the same time, much of what we need to know to move forward, we simply don’t know!  No one showed us, taught us or maybe we’ve heard about it, but just don’t get it.  In that case, my job as your Coach is to share my experience and wisdom to help you learn something you didn’t know or understand something that was a roadblock to you reaching your goals.


For instance, one Stylist I coached wanted to become a Platform Artist/Educator with a certain company – for 3 years!  But each year ‘something’ happened and she didn’t get her application in on time.  She had what I call ‘one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake’.  She clearly knew what she wanted, but she kept getting in her own way.  It was by the 2 of us making a plan, with a timeline and her taking baby steps, while I held her hand, that she was not only able to join the team, but was asked to move up to an elite team styling hair for TV and for Fashion Week!  Coaching opened up a whole new world for her!


3.  The third thing that I bring as a Coach, is my intuition about what may be blocking you or patterns that don’t support your growth.  The best example of this is to picture yourself walking down the street with all of your ‘stuff’ in a backpack on your back.  People on the street are pointing to your ‘stuff’, but every time you look around, you don’t see anything!  Because it’s on your back and even if you have a long neck, you still can’t see what’s on your back.  We are often too close to clearly see what’s blocking us.


If you feel like there are some things that may be blocking you from being your best, things that you think you ‘should’ know but can’t seem to figure out, or are feeling burnout and want some assistance with getting back on track, I encourage you to consider Coaching.  For more information on how Coaching works, visit www.beautysuperstars.com/coaching


Keep reaching for the Stars,


Miki Wright




P.S.  If Coaching sounds like something you’d be interested in, now is a great time to try it out.  Until October 15th, I’m offering a 1 hour session for only $99 (reg. $175).  If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and make your investment back (and much more) in no time.  To get started or for more info on Coaching and how it works, email me at miki@BeautySuperStars.com , call 919-813-0366 or visithttp://beautysuperstars.com/planwithmiki and fill out the form, then we can set a date to meet by phone!  Of course it’s always completely private and confidential.


About Miki Wright

Miki Wright, founder, is personally dedicated to sharing the things that she learned during a very illustrious career as Hair Designer, Platform Artist and Educator, Competitor, and Salon and Spa Owner. She is also committed to including other successful Stylists’ “Secrets of Success” to make the path easier for those who are embarking on this great career path.

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