The Best Way to Get What You Want…

The Best Way to Get What You Want…

By identifying what we ‘don’t want’, it helps us

 get really clear about what we do want!


The best way to get what you want is to get crystal clear about what you want, but I’ve seen that so many times when I’ve asked someone “What do you want?” that it ends up being a whole grocery list of what they don’t want and they don’t even realize that they never did answer the real question!


If 2014 is going to be your year, you really need to clearly define what you really want and how you’ll know it when you see it.


Let’s take a look at some of the ‘don’t wants’ that I’ve heard recently:


Don’t Wants


Booth rental salon

Commission Salon, team atmosphere.  To train new Stylists



A business that’ not profitable

Increase income, stabilize expenses, To take money home



To charge less to  compete w/bootleggers

Find clients who value great service and atmosphere



Appointment times not filled

Let more people know I’m here



Spending $ on ads, not making it back

Find low cost ways to market biz


These are just a few brief examples, take a few minutes to put your ‘don’t wants’ on paper, stop talking about them (that doesn’t make them better), and see if what you want starts to get easier to define…


Exercise #1

Take a sheet of paper draw a line down the center of the page.  Label the top left column “Don’t Want” and label the right column “Want”.  Now make a list of at least 10 things you ‘don’t want’ (feel fee to add more) and start to think about the reverse or what you really want and list it on the right!


Exercise #2

During your normal activities throughout the day, begin to notice how many things you talk about that you ‘don’t want’.  Just jot them down when you catch yourself and when you have more time, see if you can turn them into wants.


NOTE:  Consider doing the above exercises before you work on your Goals, it may make it easier to get clear about your Goals!


Play around with these exercises and if you would like some help with creating a plan to reach your goals, I invite you to find an Action Partner (someone to hold you accountable and share the journey) or, if you like, I enjoy helping people create a step by step plan to reach their goals.


I offer a 30 Day Goal Planning Session, that’s designed to get you un-stuck, if you are; help you clarify and simplify your main goals, along with your ‘why’; help you create a step by step plan; unblock any obstacles (that may have kept you working on the same goals for years) and hold you accountable!  Each session is 1 hour, private, completely confidential, and with your commitment, guaranteed to help you achieve the desires of your heart.  AND, it’s ONLY $99 for a limited time.  APPLY HERE or call 919-813-0366.   Spaces are limited.





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