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Last week I attended a networking meeting where one of the Business Owners expressed frustration with trying to grow her business from referrals from other Business Owners she met at various networking events.   I met her before, liked her style and felt she’s probably really good at what she does and I know some business owners and would like to refer her clients.  So, as part of a group discussion, I asked her, who was her ideal client?  She told us that she could work with anyone, any size business and showed us a table of what the costs would be from a new business from $0-$100K, in increments all the way up to $1 million in sales.  That literally could be anybody, any business.  Each size business has different needs and challenges and it doesn’t bring anyone in particular to my mind.  Plus if I referred someone to her, I wouldn’t be sure that it would be a good fit and since I wouldn’t want to set someone up for a bad experience and then have them upset with me, it makes it almost impossible for me to send business her way.


So what does this have to do with you and your Salon business?


  • You’ve gotta make it easy for people to refer you. People usually want to help, but they don’t have much time.
  • Not only are the ‘riches in the niches’, it makes it easier for someone to have a name of a particular person that pops into their head who would love your services.  “Oh, my cousin Suzy, was just saying she needed _____.  I’ll send her to you!”
  • The person they refer is more likely to be happy with the outcome. If most of your clients wear short haircuts and someone refers you a client with long hair who wants a headfull of blonde highlights, that may NOT be a good match.
  • I hear this often and it’s a trap I don’t want you to fall into, “I can do everyone with hair”. Maybe you can (probably not equally as well, but that’s another message), but you can’t market to everyone.   Unless you’re Coca Cola you don’t have the budget, the time or the energy.   So in order to keep things simple, I suggest that you pick a specialty.  Something that people will know you for.  Something you can own your market with.  You may be thinking, ‘but I don’t want to limit myself’.  Rather than being limiting, choosing a specialty, makes your life easier and it does NOT mean that you can’t ever do anything outside of your specialty.  It’s almost a given that you will do other things.  But what you do best, and most often is…  And that’s what will bring a certain friend, family member or co-worker to mind for your existing clients and others that you meet to refer you new client after new client!
  • No one wants to look silly or get blasted because they were sent to someone who did not live up to the promise.  So, instead of risking disappointing a friend of mine, I’d rather not even refer them.  That’s why you have to do what you do well, every time, so there will never be a question in their mind as to whether their friend will be satisfied.


To wrap up, what would your business look like if just half of your existing clients sent you just 1 referral?  You’d probably be super busy, looking for an Assistant and ready to expand your business!   Follow those few steps and start attracting new referrals this week!


It’s tips like these and much more that we will discuss in a new tele-class I’m offering next Tuesday, August 23rd at 7pm ET (4pm PT), Marketing for Salon Suites.  It’s for people who work in Salon Suites or are thinking about it.  Of course anyone who is responsible for finding new clients and keeping themselves busy will benefit.  And, yes, I think I just described you!  So if you’re up for it, sign up today!  Best of all, it’s FREE!  I know that’s your favorite price! LOL  Click here to reserve your seat now! 


Keep reaching for the Stars,



Miki Wright

Business Growth Coach


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