Danessa Myrick

This Celebrity Make-up Artist was forced to start a new career due to corporate downsizing she decided to take her hobby of experimenting with makeup and turn it into a career.  And WOW, what a career!  Listen in as the founder of www.IMakeYouBeautiful.com tells all! 



How to Brand Yourself
Why it’s NEVER just about your Talent
Is working for Celebrities really for you???
Do you need to move to New York to ‘make it’?
How Hair Designers are ‘missing the boat’…
and much more!

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About Miki Wright

Miki Wright, founder, is personally dedicated to sharing the things that she learned during a very illustrious career as Hair Designer, Platform Artist and Educator, Competitor, and Salon and Spa Owner. She is also committed to including other successful Stylists’ “Secrets of Success” to make the path easier for those who are embarking on this great career path.

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