Are you Old School or New School?

Are you Old School or New School?

Are you ‘Old School’ or ‘New School’ when it comes to using Social Media?  There’s a lot of opportunity to attract new, ideal clients into our styling chairs, barber chairs or our massage tables, but are we missing the boat?  Sadly, I’d say more often than not, both ‘Old School’ and ‘New School’ are not as effective as we could be in attracting new clients, gaining referrals and having our existing clients come back to see us more often from our online efforts.

I’m not sure which category you fall into, but the things that I hear and see lead me to break them into 2 categories.  You guessed it – Old School and New School.  Those terms are less about an age and more about mindset and actions.  Let’s start with New School, since they are more likely to be on Social Media.

You’re New School if…

  1. You’re on Social Media, but it’s mostly to be social.  You’re keeping up with your friends, posting pics of what you’re up to and where you are.
  2. You are known as a ‘Selfie’ queen.
  3. You can’t live without your phone for 5 minutes!


The challenges with filling your chair as a ‘New School’ Stylist are:

  1. You don’t have a strategy to actually gain new clients.  Any clients you gain are from the fact that you are on there so much that someone may happen to see you.
  2. You may be posting so much about so many things, that people don’t really know what you do.
  3. You may need to separate your personal life from your professional life, i.e. having a ‘Fan’ or ‘Business’ page, so that prospective clients aren’t deterred by seeing ‘party’ pictures or hearing about your best friend’s boyfriend troubles!


You’re Old School if…

  1. You’ve ever said, “I don’t have enough time to be online”
  2. You prefer to get your professional referrals via a trusted friend vs. the internet
  3. You’re intimidated by all this technology and confused by how many choices there are.  Should I be on Facebook or Instagram?  And what’s a tweet?


The challenges of filling your chair as an Old School Stylist are:

  1. You don’t fully realize the impact that most, if not all, of your existing clients are online.  (Just watch them under the dryer, they’re on their phone, not reading a magazine like they used to.)  And so are your prospective clients.  So if you’re not on there, 9 times out of 10 they are going to someone else!
  2. The new generation looks online when they are looking for almost anything, including Beauty Services.  They ‘google it’!  Then once they’ve ‘googled it’ and found a few places they might like, they look up those businesses or service providers on a ‘Review Site’, like or Angies List.  That is the modern day ‘referral’.  So even though you’re not ‘online, you may already be on a review site (they don’t need your permission to post their experience)!
  3. The technology can be overwhelming and confusing and it’s moving at a speed faster than light!  Yet, you don’t have to know everything there is to know about the internet, to use it to gain more of your ideal clients.


Whether you’re Old School or New School, there is hope for using the internet to put paying clients in your chair!  I’d like to help walk you through the process (if you’re intimidated) and help you fine tune a strategy (if you’re already online) to get clients streaming into your salon business, because they saw your post or googled you and they were so excited!  Stay tuned for more tips on improving your Social Media presence and results and check out the class I’m having on Monday, June 16th!  Details below…

P.S.  The class called Beauty and the Social Media Buzz and it’s by telephone, so you don’t have to travel!  It will be an in depth, simple way to navigate Social Media, turn it into your BFF (Best Friend Forever) and a great business partner!  For more details about the class and to sign up, visit or call 919- 813-0366.   


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